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*GROUND CLEARANCE: There must be a minimum of 0.020 in. clearance from the track surface to any part of body, gears or chassis. No parts may drag track surface.

*BODY: Body must be of automotive origin. Kit based model, dealer promo, styrene plastic or resin cast only. No metal, die cast, or "toy" soft plastic allowed. All wheel-wells must remain open as originally designed. Sharp or pointed objects on body that might cause damage or bodily injury prohibited.

*INTERIOR: Full, 3 dimensional interior.

*WINDSHIELD/WINDOWS: Must have minimum a clear or tinted windshield, and rear window installed. Windshield/Windows "factory plastic" may be replaced with lexan or clear styrene if not stipulated, Blackout windows not allowed. Rear window on funny cars may be painted or blackout.

*WHEELS/TIRES: In all classes, angling of front wheels to allow lowering of front end prohibited. All cars must have a minimum of four (4) wheels with tires and all tires must be black.

*WHEELIE BAR/WHEELS: Must have rubber o-rings or non metallic wheels. Wheels may not ride on track braid.

*GUIDE FLAG: One guide flag per car/truck. 1 inch maximum length. Body must cover guide when viewed from above, except dragsters & open wheeled altereds.

*WIDTH: All cars cannot be any wider than 3.25 in. at any point.

*SCALE: 1/24th or 1/25th.

*PARTICIPANT CONDUCT: Participants at events are expected at all times to conduct themselves in a professional and non-disruptive manner. Any participant who verbally or physically threatens another participant or other person, uses vulgar or derogatory language, engages in unsportsmanlike conduct or conduct detrimental to the sport of racing, or otherwise creates a condition or circumstance which is unsafe or out of order shall have violated the rules and regulation and subject to immediate action.

*TECHNICAL INSPECTION: Prior to competition, cars must pass a technical inspection. Any motor, chassis, or body change made after tech, must be reported to the technical department for proper registration before any further runs are made. Technical department reserves the right at any time to inspect, seal for inspection, and/or tear down a participant's car.

*TECHNICAL RESPONSIBILITY: It is the responsibility of the driver to assure that his/her competing car/truck meets all legal requirements of the rules governing it's respective class.

*SCALE INTEGRITY INSPECTIONS: All competing car/truck(s) are subject to possible evaluation at the discretion of the technical committee as to the scale integrity of the car/truck in relation to it's respective class. The technical committee reserves the right to request revisions to a car/truck that is found not to meet it's class appearance criteria (i.e. in relation to a full scale counterpart). The committee may also allow car/truck to compete without requested revisions if they cannot be performed at that particular event with the stipulation that they be completed prior to the next event.

*PROTEST PROCEDURES: Contestant protest must be filled with a technical department official in writing and a protest fee before a protest will be accepted. $20.00 will allow you a look at the car/truck in question. If you are satisfied, the car/truck owner will collect the protest fee. If you still question the car/truck(s) legality, you must post a fee 2 times the retail amount of the armature. The motor will then be torn down and inspected. If the protested car/truck is found in compliance with the requirements of it's class, protest fee will be forfeited to the car/truck owner. If an inspection proves a protested car/truck to be out of it's proper class, fees will be refunded, and the non-compliant entry will be disqualified. Refusal to comply upon official demand will result in immediate disqualification.

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