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Slot car drag racing as we know it today, has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a hobby. It initially offered only a handful of racing classes, there are now more classifications in its carefully tailored menu of competition opportunities.

Three basic levels are included in its general program of drag racing. They are designed to accommodate the heads-up racers, index racers and bracket racers.

CLUB (.400) was designed to accommodate the heads-up slot car drag racer. Heads-up slot car drag racing is just that, it's racing on a (.400) Pro Tree. CLUB (.400) is for the racers who choose to race slot cars they build to certain specifications for certain classes.

Part of the popularity in heads-up slot car racing is due to the organization of specialty events catering exclusively to heads-up drag racing. One of the original events was given by CLUB (.400). Our events are held at various slot car tracks, not unlike some of the regular events that are run on any given weekend.

Due to the increasing participation of CLUB (.400) classes and the growing popularity of heads-up racing across the country, a need to provide the rules governing CLUB (.400) racing was evident.

The information contained on the pages of this website is intended exclusively for use by those racers intent on participating in CLUB (.400) or other events where CLUB (.400) classes are to be run. Track owners or race promoters must use the rules contained on this web site when organizing their own programs utilizing CLUB (.400) classes.

The rules on this website were written by the promoters of CLUB (.400) heads-up classes with input from fellow racers and track directors emphasizing fair and equal competition without favor to any particular manufacturer. Our main intent is to allow for competitive racing while maintaining the scale integrity of the participating cars.

These rules will remain in effect throughout the calendar year, unless it is determined that any rule(s) requires immediate revision. If such a situation should occur, a supplement stating the revision will be issued prior to the running of the next event.

CLUB (.400) invites you to share in the FUN of heads-up slot car drag racing at your nearest slot car drag strip.

CLUB (.400) the longest established heads up slot car drag racing organization was established in 1999 by Wayne Ware and Greg Bennett.

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