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*STAGING: Contestant must be present in the staging lanes once his/her race is called to the starting line. The two and a half minute stage rule will be in effect. The two and a half minute countdown is started when the first contestant to the starting area is in their respective drivers station. At that time both drivers will have two and a half minutes to prepare and fully stage his/her car/truck for competition. Once both car/truck(s) are staged within the two and a half minutes, the race director will reset the staging lights. Race director will also "check stage" as required. Race director will then ask if contestants are ready. If so, starting system is then activated.

*NO RESET RULE: In certain situations, the race director will not reset the staging lights before a race if one or both contestants do not have their cars fully staged within the two and a half minute mark. The "no reset rule" is automatically applied if one or both contestants glue roll-out their car/truck past the starting line with five (10) to zero (0) seconds remaining on the countdown.

*BREAK RULE: During qualifying or eliminations, a contestant suffering mechanical difficulties may request a two and a half minute grace period to resolve the problem. If called before the two and a half minute stage countdown is activated, the contestant will have two minute for repairs, then upon his/her return or when the two minute grace period has elapsed, will have the full two and a half minute countdown to prep and stage his/her car/truck. If break rule is requested any time during the two and a half minute stage countdown, the countdown is stopped at that point and the contestant is then timed two minute to make repairs and return to the starting area Upon his/her return, or after the two minute grace period has elapsed, the two and a half minute stage countdown is resumed at the point where it was paused In both situations, if the contestant experiencing the problem cannot return to the starting area and stage the car within the allotted grace period and the two and a half minute stage countdown, the contestants run is forfeited and the opponent will receive a single run.

*PIT CREWS: Each contestant is allowed TWO crew member within the drivers station and track area for the purpose of pre-race preparation (i.e. cleaning of track surface, gluing and staging of car/truck, etc.). Crew members are not allowed to impede with opponents pre-race preparation if that opponent does not utilize crew members. Once car/truck is staged, the crew members must vacate the drivers station completely.

*GLUING OF CARS: Cars may rollout glue (by self rollout or manual means) as many times as needed within the two and a half minute stage rule guidelines. All glue roll-outs or any glue applied to the track surface for the purpose of enhancing traction must begin BEHIND starting line. Glue roller(s) Allowed.

*STARTING SYSTEM: All classes utilize an all amber (.400) "Pro-light" Christmas tree.

*QUALIFYING: Side by Side Qualifying "Pro-style .325 light being the earliest and a .425 light being the latest you can go.

/vs.16, 2 vs.15, 3 vs. 14, etc. Once established, pairings will not change unless the race director can see a justification for a change.

*LANE CHOICE: The contestant with the lower elapsed time from qualifying or eliminations is given lane choice unless the contestant red light fouled in the previous round. If both contestants have identical elapsed times the higher miles per hour will determine the lane choice.

*BYE RUNS: A bye run will be awarded to the low qualifier in the first round of eliminations if there are an odd number of car/truck(s). A car/truck must stage and leave the starting line UNDER IT'S OWN POWER to consider the bye run official. All other bye runs will be determined by the ladder format used for the number of entries in that class. A single run due to an opponents no-show during eliminations is not considered a bye run.

*DISQUALIFICATIONS: If during side by side eliminations a car visually crosses the center-line before the finish line, or fails to trip the finish line sensor, the offending car/truck is disqualified. During eliminations, the first red light rule applies. The contestant who activates the red light foul first is disqualified and the opponent is awarded the win, regardless of what the track win light may indicate. In heads-up pairings, the win goes to the opponent with the better reaction time. If a contestant red light fouls and the opponents car/truck does not finish due to mechanical failure or fails to trip finish line sensor, the opponent (non-finisher) is still awarded the win. In summary, unless an opponent red light fouls, which automatically awards the win to the non-fouling contestant, a contestants car/truck must complete the race UNDER IT'S OWN POWER to receive a win. Nudging or pushing of car/truck down track by human means to trip finish line sensor is strictly prohibited. In cases where a violating party cannot be clearly determined by the race director, the race will be rerun.

*NATIONAL AND TRACK RECORDS: All records to become official must be backed up with a time or speed within one percent (1%) of the record run. A run used to back up a record may be any official run before or after the record run (i.e. If a time from round one of qualifying is within one percent of a record run in the third round of eliminations, the run is considered backed-up). Records can be set on a red light (side by side or bye). Track voltage can not be higher than 16.2 volts.

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