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SFS - preceded by car number.

*BODY: Reserved for 1960 - 1970 Ford, Mercury 1/24th or 1/25th scale domestic production hardtop coupe or sedans only. All bodies must be of a kit based model or dealer promo only. Concept, Vacuum Form Styrene, 3D printed or resin bodies are prohibited. No modification to body, other than grinding out inside of body to lighten. Any body deemed questionable must be authenticated by tech committee before the event.

*INTERIOR: Mandatory, Painted 3D driver.

*WINDSHIELD/WINDOWS: Blackout windshield/windows not allowed. Front and rear glass must be the kit supplied stock pieces; factory clear or tinted. No lexan, clear sheet styrene or vac-formed replacements allowed. Addition of side windows allowed; clear sheet styrene or lexan.

*HOOD SCOOP: Aftermarket hood scoops prohibited, other than OEM.

*SPOILERS: Aftermarket spoilers not allowed, other than OEM.

*CHASSIS: Unlimited; Motor must be mounted in an inline configuration; ball bearings allowed. Belly pan prohibited.

*FRONT WHEELS/TIRES: Required; Wheel Hub Diameter 5/8 minimum diameter.

*REAR WHEELS/TIRES: Wheel Hub Diameter 5/8, Tire Diameter Minimum diameter 1- 1/16" (1.0625"). Minimum tire tread width fully contacting track surface, 1/2" (0.500") Slitting or grooving of tread area of tires prohibited.

*WHEELIE BARS/WHEELS: Permitted; Total length cannot exceed 5" from center-line of rear axle to center-line of wheelie wheels.

*WEIGHT: 120 grams minimum weight.

*MOTOR: ProSlot VR-12 Part Number PS4019 (Bushing Motor). Copper hardware prohibited. Shunt wire, any springs & bushes permitted. Arms and Magnets will be metered/checked for size and legality.

*GUIDE FLAG: One guide flag per car, 1 inch maximum length.

Class will run heads-up on a (.400) Pro Tree.

Click Here: For Motor Requirements & Specifications.

Click Here: For General Regulations.

If there is any area of these rules which needs clarification, please contact Club (.400) Technical Director by e-mail at


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